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Work-related stress may appear to be more harmful than physical injury. That’s why we want to highlight employees’ compensation for mental illness and hopefully help you decide if you have a valid application. We can help you out with your psychological injury at work claims Sydney and help you free yourself from your stress. We provide counselling sessions and training. Our therapies are considered effective methods to provide treatment and relief from many psychological issues.

We have seen traumatic psychological injuries that have caused damage to individuals, their families and their more comprehensive support network. Just like physical injuries, psychological injuries are not selective – they can strike anyone at any time and seeking workers’ compensation is often the only way to help their health return to normal.

psychological injury at work claims sydney

What is a Trauma?

Psychological trauma is when a person suffers from an emotional reaction to an event. In the workplace, these issues can be;

Why Was Workers’ Compensation Made?

Workers’ compensation was initially designed to assist with the health care of injured workers in their workplace. Over time, the benefits grew to include temporary and permanent disability benefits, additional dismissal training (manual rehabilitation), and other medical benefits paid to spouses, children, or relatives.

One of the main tasks of the safety, security, and emergency management industry is to keep businesses at a level of safety to minimize workplace injuries as much as possible. Better security measures, safer workplaces, and the use of appropriate equipment during emergencies can reduce the number of applications, protect workers, and result in lower insurance rates.

Additionally, businesses in security, security, and emergency management are required to have an employee compensation plan (usually required by law, state) for their employees who may be injured while performing their business inspection and customer safety duties.

What Mental Injuries Does NSW Cover?

Unfortunately, stress diagnosis is not eligible for compensation from employees. Under the NSW Employee Compensation Scheme or ‘WorkCover’ as it is commonly called, the following mental injuries are covered;

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Adjustment Disorder

psychological injury at work claims sydney

How To Know If You Can Qualify for A Claim?

You have to prove to be successful with your claim to qualify for compensation for mentally ill employees, you not only need to be diagnosed with one of the four recognized psychological conditions, but you must make sure;

  • Injuries occurred during your career
  • Work had a substantial negative impact


The procedures involved in claiming work compensation for mental illness due to your illness are very different from physical injury and, in many cases, more complex. Navigating the system alone, especially if you are unwell, is a challenging task – which is why it is best to consult a compensation specialist, even if it is free advice, to know your options.

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