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The psychological trauma that occurs at work may seem less harmful than physical injury. That’s why we want to highlight the workers’ compensation for mental illness and hopefully help you decide if you have a valid claim. We are here to help you with Workers compensation psychological injury Sydney. With more than 30 years of experience, we have provided help to many people, now living a happy and successful life. We will help you eliminate workplace bullying through counselling, training, stress reduction, and treatment strategies and guide you regarding your workers’ compensation claim.

We have seen traumatic psychological injuries that have caused damage to individuals, their families and their more comprehensive support network. And just like physical injuries, psychological injuries are not selective – they can strike anyone at any time and claiming workers’ compensation is often the only way to help their health get back on track.

workers compensation psychological injury sydney

What Is a Brain Injury?

Mental damage is when a person suffers from an acquired attitude caused by an event. In the workplace, these events can be:

  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Working dangerous hours
  • Intimidation
  • Depression
  • Physical injury

workers compensation psychological injury sydney

What Mental Injuries does NSW Cover?

Unfortunately, stress diagnosis does not qualify you for compensation from employees. Under the NSW Employee Compensation Scheme or ‘WorkCover’ as it is commonly called, the following mental injuries are covered;

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Adjustment Disorder

How To Be Successful with Your Claims?

To be eligible to claim compensation for mentally ill employees, you not only need to be diagnosed with one of the four recognized psychological conditions, but you must verify;

  • Injuries occurred during your career
  • Work that had the negative impact


Psychological injury claims pose a challenge to NSW businesses because they are more expensive, and compared to physical injury claims, they require more time off work.

Five-year research data from 2013 to 2017 shows that the average cost of mental injury claims and weekly payments was twice as high as claims for physical injury claims for weekly payments – mainly due to double work time lost due to mental illness—injury applications.

Apart from these results, it is also true that employees recover from a mental injury and return to work very quickly in most cases. Within five years, one-third (33 per cent) of all mental health claims result in between zero and 14 days off work.

Looking at these two different outcomes, it seems that NSW businesses have the most benefit when their injured employees stay within the recovery phase early and return to work. Fortunately, the evidence suggests that employers can play an active role in achieving this outcome.

A recent national survey of employees with mental illness found that one of the main factors associated with high return to work was the employer’s response to trauma. The study found that 79 per cent of employees who admitted that their employer had responded positively to their injuries returned to work during the interview, compared with only 52 per cent who disagreed.

These Australian results are consistent with numerous international evidence that support employers’ responses, perceptions of employer impartiality, and the human resource management system “significantly facilitates or hinders” the return to work of people with a mental illness.

workers compensation psychological injury sydney

How Do You Know That Your Claim Is Valid?

The procedures involved in claiming work compensation for mental illness due to your illness are very different from physical injury and, in many cases, become more complex. Navigating the system on your own, especially if you are unwell, is a challenging task – which is why it is advised to get help from a professional compensation specialist, even if it is free advice, so you know your options.

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