Author and Psychologist Workplace Bullying to Actually Make Your Life Better

To handle the importance of the term workspace bullying, we should understand the complexities of the working environment. It means harassing and bullying employees during their working hours, either in the working environment or elsewhere. An employee might be bothered by their manager, supervisor or co-worker. It can decrease a person’s overall performance and productivity and cause the victim to lose their job. If someone is going through this crucial phase in their life, it is recommended to choose the best Author and psychologist workplace bullying.

author and psychologist workplace bullying

How Might Workplace Bullying Hurt?

Bullying at work can destroy a person’s morale, confidence and productivity. It can give rise to stress, anxiety, loss of temperament and depression in worst cases. If the victim reacts, they might seriously hurt themselves or other co-workers near them.

Workplace Bullying Statistics

  • The complete expense of depression to Australian businesses because of presenteeism and absence is assessed to be around $6.3 billion for every annum.
  • Employees with mental pain required multiple times more days off each month and had a 154% drop in productivity at work than those not encountering mental trouble. This likens to an average expense of $6,309 per annum in correlation with those not encountering mental troubles.
  • Compared with employees with high esteem, a labourer with low esteem have around 12% more days off each month and 8% more lack of interest at work, costing managers $4796 per annum.
  • A survey by Author and psychologist workspace bullying on working in a toxic environment viewed that 75% of employees reported being impacted by workspace bullying. A 2019 study out this month viewed that almost 94% out of 2081 employees said they had been harassed in the work environment. That is an immense increment (19%) over the most recent eleven years. More than half (51.1%) in the study said a manager or supervisor harassed them. The manners in which the respondents said they were harassed by abusive emails (23.3%), co-workers’ taunts (20.2%) and by being shouted at (17.8%).

How To Deal with Workspace Bullying?

We offer the following treatments and techniques to deal with workspace bullying:

Moral Building Strategies

If a person’s morale is degraded, they will eventually lose productivity and interest in everyday activities. This may be due to a difficult or painful experience in the working environment. We provide moral building strategies to get their lives back on track and live with motivation and success.

author and psychologist workplace bullying

Anger Management Therapy

A troubled home environment, work environment or traumatic life events can lead people to lose their temper, leading to problems controlling anger. Problems with controlling anger can lead to high blood pressure, sleepless nights, and intense hostility. We provide anger control therapy through exercises and sessions.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety acts as a barrier to personal and community life. It can lead to great fear, panic and constant worry about everything. It can also decrease one’s social skills. We will provide a solution to anxiety about our discussion sessions, treatments and ways to develop characters.

OCD treatment

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a story that causes people to have recurring thoughts, repetitive actions, unwanted behavioural problems and personal infatuation. We provide OCD treatment with our psychotherapy. We believe that our clients will feel better after our treatment.

Depression Treatment

Depression is the result of many things. It may be due to traumatic life experiences, immorality, physical or verbal abuse, anxiety, severe depression and self-loathing. According to a recent study, about 17.3 million people worldwide suffer from depression each year. Depression leads to many other health problems. We provide depressive therapy and therapy through our therapeutic sessions, exercise and counselling, which has proven to be an effective solution.

author and psychologist workplace bullying

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