Workplace Stress & Bullying Workshop

This workshop explores the systemic organisational factors that cause or enable workplace bullying behaviours. It then introduces methods for measuring and monitoring workplace stress and strengthening management’s response to the contributing factors and their ability to implement behavioural accountability with skill and confidence.

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Crucial Conversations & Influencer Training

Crucial Conversations and Influencer training courses provide the tools for achieving the results you want at work or at home when the stakes are high, opinions differ and emotions are strong. In your organisation, you can learn how to create conditions where people speak with complete candor (no matter the topic) and with complete respect (no matter the person). Begin stepping up to tough issues and sharing opinions, feelings and information safely and freely. Learn how to promote the best ideas, save time with fewer meetings, have less disagreement, and build more alignment with better decisions.

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Keryl provides psychotherapy and counselling which are proven and effective ways of helping people to resolve trauma, conflict and emotional difficulties and problems in relationships at home or at work.

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