There are critical moments when a person being targeted by bullying must make decisions vital to their health and career e.g. should you take stress leave, fight back, leave the job, seek redundancy, litigate, seek compensation?
Whilst at times there is no alternative to leaving one’s job, it is worth exploring whether it is possible to influence or change the bullying behaviors. Bullying recovery counselling provides an opportunity to discuss the strengths and constraints in each situation and to consider possible pathways to action.

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Psychotherapy is an important intervention if the person targeted by bullying has experienced prolonged duress over a period of time or has symptoms of trauma, loss of confidence and diminished resilience. Symptoms may include sleeplessness, nightmares, dread and panic about going to work, avoidance of specific places and people, numbness, depression, excessive self-doubt and physical symptoms.
Psychotherapy aims to restore trust and a sense of safety within oneself and in relation to the world. This is a process that takes time and motivation for the person to regain the strength to return to the workplace. If a psychological injury claim has been accepted, treatment should be available through the insurance company as part of a return to work programme.

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Keryl provides psychotherapy and counselling which are proven and effective ways of helping people to resolve trauma, conflict and emotional difficulties and problems in relationships at home or at work.

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