Clinical Psychologist Sydney

I am a clinical psychologist in Sydney, Australia where I have worked for over thirty years. I have extensive experience as a psychotherapist working with adult clients in my private practice which is located in the Inner West. I also do counselling, coaching and I teach and supervise trainee psychiatrists.

What is Clinical Psychology?

All psychologists complete a degree in general psychology then most often move into an area of choice to learn specialist skills. This may be in health or sports psychology, vocational , educational, developmental or organisational psychology.
I chose clinical psychology as it was the best fit for my interest in the way people develop over their life span, how they relate to others, how they find meaning and purpose in life and most of all, how they feel about themselves. In my clinical practice I am focussed on how to help people manage their lives when things go wrong. Life can be full of adversity at times and it is important to find a way through the hard times to reach a point of contentment, if not happiness itself.
Clinical psychology has a strong research and evidence base for the therapeutic techniques used in clinical practice. However, the use of these techniques depends on the individual therapist and their capacity to listen and tune into their clients’ experiences and feelings. The best clinical psychologist is the one who is very self- aware and has a capacity to not only understand the depth of the client’s experience but who is also able to observe and evaluate themselves as a therapist. This is why clinical psychologists attend regular supervision with peers to ensure that they are working well with clients and are open to change their way of working when needed.
Best Clinical Psychologist Sydney
Best Clinical Psychologist Sydney
Clinical Psychologist Sydney
Clinical Psychologist Sydney

My Practice

There is a range of psychological techniques available to help people, depending on the type of problem, the severity of the symptoms and the client’s capacity or preference for either short term or longer term work together. The best clinical psychologists in Sydney are those who are able to adjust to the needs of the patient and work for either limited goals in the short term or provide more in-depth work over the longer term. Together with my colleagues, I work in this way with my clients to help them find their way through adversity and move towards more contentment and fulfilment.

Best Clinical Psychologist Sydney | Highly Experienced

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