Clinical Psychologist Sydney

I am a clinical psychologist in Sydney, Australia where I have worked for over thirty years. I have extensive experience as a psychotherapist working with adult clients in my private practice which is located in the Inner West. I also do counselling, coaching and I teach and supervise trainee psychiatrists.

What is Clinical Psychology?

All psychologists complete a degree in general psychology then most often move into an area of choice to learn specialist skills. This may be in health or sports psychology, vocational , educational, developmental or organisational psychology.
I chose clinical psychology as it was the best fit for my interest in the way people develop over their life span, how they relate to others, how they find meaning and purpose in life and most of all, how they feel about themselves. In my clinical practice I am focussed on how to help people manage their lives when things go wrong. Life can be full of adversity at times and it is important to find a way through the hard times to reach a point of contentment, if not happiness itself.
Clinical psychology has a strong research and evidence base for the therapeutic techniques used in clinical practice. However, the use of these techniques depends on the individual therapist and their capacity to listen and tune into their clients’ experiences and feelings. The best clinical psychologist is the one who is very self- aware and has a capacity to not only understand the depth of the client’s experience but who is also able to observe and evaluate themselves as a therapist. This is why clinical psychologists attend regular supervision with peers to ensure that they are working well with clients and are open to change their way of working when needed.
clinical psychologist sydney
clinical psychologist sydney
Clinical Psychologist Sydney
Clinical Psychologist Sydney

My Practice

There is a range of psychological techniques available to help people, depending on the type of problem, the severity of the symptoms and the client’s capacity or preference for either short term or longer term work together. The best clinical psychologists in Sydney are those who are able to adjust to the needs of the patient and work for either limited goals in the short term or provide more in-depth work over the longer term. Together with my colleagues, I work in this way with my clients to help them find their way through adversity and move towards more contentment and fulfilment.

Kyrel Egan, the clinical psychologist Sydney you can trust?

Our mental well being is as vital as our physical health. The mind works as the primary source of guidance for the body. Human minds need to be free of any stress to help us cope with the daily lives. People consider mental therapy as a taboo, but they fail to realize how important it is to help us live our everyday lives happily and to the fullest. If you or your loved one is going through some stressful circumstances, then it’s never too late to seek help from the best clinical psychologist Sydney.

I’m a professional clinical psychologist in Sydney. With my experience of over 30 years, I have successfully provided help to many individuals regarding personal and workplace stress issues. I provide supervision, teaching, counsel and coaching to many clinical psychologist trainees. Your relief and success is my key priority, and I make sure that your identity and your secrets remain private.


What is Clinical Psychology?

It is a branch of science that deals in information to understand, prevent, and lessen mentally based problems or breakdowns and promote and learn how to cure and prevent these problems so that individuals can live every day and peaceful life. This field has saved many lives from self-destruction, and clinical psychology has a solid examination and proof base for the remedial strategies utilized in clinical practice.

It includes the practice of psychological analysis, theory-based explanations and psychotherapy and treatment. In many countries around the world, clinical psychology is also known as a regulated mental health profession.

best clinical psychologist sydney

How Dangerous Is Mental Disorder?

  • According to AIHW, also known as the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the demand for mental health services increased to 22% as millions of lives were affected because of Covid-19. Thousands of people of all ages called mental care helplines because of the loneliness, personal loss, Stress-related chronic pain and anxiety.
  • Mental Disorders can lead to abusive behavior and individuals harming themselves and others near them.
  • It can destroy one’s inner peace, ability to think, understand and cope with daily life. It leads to anxiety, depression, loneliness and instability in life.
  • It also leads to addiction to various substances, which affects individuals mentally and physically.

How to Cure Mental Disorder?

I give psychotherapy and guiding which are viewed as successful methods of assisting individuals with mental disorders and troubles. I’ll help you fight and together we can make sure that you have a stress free future ahead. It might appear like a journey of self-discovery and an investigation of the examples and encounters in one’s daily life, or it might mean securing the information and abilities expected to foster one’s maximum capacity and further develop associations with others. Every healing journey is unique and eventually opens up opportunities for new personal development and a brighter future. The following are some of the techniques and methods that help pull the patients out of this dark phase of their lives:

best clinical psychologist sydney
clinical psychologist sydney

Morale Building Techniques

If an individuals’ morale is destroyed, they’ll eventually lose their productivity and interest in daily activities. This can happen due to a troublesome or traumatic experience in the past. We provide morale-building techniques so that individuals can get their lives back on track and live them motivated and productively.

Anger Management Therapy

Troubled domestic background or tragic life events can lead individuals to lose their temperament, which eventually gives rise to anger management issues. Anger management issues can lead to high blood pressure problems, sleepless nights and extreme hatred for everything. We provide anger management therapy via exercises and sessions.

Anxiety Treatment Sydney

Anxiety acts as a hurdle in an individual’s personal and social life. It can lead to intense fears, panic attacks and constant worrying about everything. It can also lead to the decline of a person’s communication and social skills. We’ll provide a cure to anxiety via our talk sessions, therapies and character developing techniques.

OCD Treatment

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is an issue that leads to people having recurring thoughts, recurring actions, unwanted behavioral issues and personal obsession. We provide OCD Treatment via our psychotherapy. We believe that our clients will feel much better after our treatment.

clinical psychologist sydney
clinical psychologist sydney

Depression Treatment

Depression is a result of many things. It can be due to a regrettable life event, lack of morale, physical or verbal abuse, anxiety, extreme stress and self-hatred. According to the latest research, approximately 17.3 million people worldwide get affected by depression every year. Depression leads to many other health problems. We provide depression treatment and cure via our therapy sessions, exercises and counselling, proven to be an effective cure.

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