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There is no denying that present generations value travel. Computers, Smartphones, and flexible homework have created a new and smarter workplace. The physical presence of the man is no longer necessary for communication. This allows everything from long work while going to and from home full time with the kids. Another important factor is the flexibility that allows for technology. If you are searching for a professional therapist, you should consider getting help from Keryl Egan, a trusted telehealth psychologist Sydney.

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The advent of mobile communication has also affected the psychological world. An increasing number of telephone counsellors are on the move. This includes a video conference session, as opposed to personal therapy. It may also include group counselling or a mental health program where a video conference is used. These video sessions can be conducted anywhere, anytime, depending on the schedule decided by clients and therapists.

Having a cell phone treatment option can enhance treatment more easily and flexibly. Without having to worry about time or place, it can be easy to consult a personal therapist, which will also facilitate consistent treatment. The option of telephone counselling reduces the amount of time a person has to commit as there can be a few problems when visiting for an appointment.

Who Is Keryl Egan?

Keryl Egan is a psychologist who focuses on strength and mental health in the workplace. With more than 30 years of experience, she has successfully helped many people with personal and professional problems. She provides guidance, teaching, counselling and training to many Sydney clinical psychology students. Her priority is your ease and success, and she assures you that your identity and privacy remain confidential.

telehealth psychologist sydney

Benefits of Telehealth Counseling

Following are some major benefits of telehealth counselling:

Ease of Communication

Video conference appointments make it possible to make an appointment anytime and anywhere. In many cases, people can avoid treatment because they believe they do not have time to be appointed. For people with busy schedules or time-consuming activities, this flexibility can facilitate treatment.

Less Missed Appointments

Though we may recognize medical treatment as necessary, sometimes things get in the way. There may be a lot of traffic, or the end-of-day meeting may be late. These unforeseen occurrences can lead to a missed schedule.  Having a video conference with your therapist reduces your chances of missing any appointments.

Easy Access

Sometimes being busy is not the only obstacle to therapy. Maybe a newborn baby or the difficulty of getting baby care can be a major reason for you to halt your travelling, and you may not be able to meet with your therapist in person. Telehealth conferencing allows your specialist to have a conversation from anywhere.

Extended Reach

Many people all over the country face travel problems, or they live far from the city. These hurdles can prevent them from seeking and receiving medical attention and care they need. Telephone counselling allows psychologists to expand their reach outside of your area. It allows them to help clients who may be far away or may not enter the office to find the time.


Our routine and consistency can play an important role in reducing anxiety. Especially for city dwellers, emergency traffic can be a hindrance when it comes to seeking medical attention. Telephone counselling eliminates these stressors. Therefore, telehealth psychologist Sydney helps you to get quality care anywhere and anytime in order to maintain good mental health.

telehealth psychologist sydney

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