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Trauma is the psychological response to a stressful event such as an accident, physical abuse or natural disaster. Immediately after the event, shock and denial are common. Long-term reactions include unexpected feelings, back memories, difficult relationships and physical symptoms such as headaches or nausea. Although these feelings are normal, some people have difficulty maintaining their health. Psychologists can help these people find constructive ways to control their emotions. Keryl Egan is a Trauma recovery Sydney psychologist and is here to help you.

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Effects of Trauma Caused By Stress on Our Hearts

A study published by JAMA explains that psychological trauma increases the symptoms of heart disease and increases the risk of death from a heart attack or stroke among those with the condition. The data showed that the cardiovascular blockade, called myocardial ischemia, results in a more than doubled risk of death in people with heart disease, even if their heart disease is “stable” and well-controlled.

Participants in the study with myocardial ischemia caused by depression had a two and a half times higher risk of a person’s death from heart disease or stroke over the next five years than those without the condition. According to the researchers, all study participants had been diagnosed with heart disease and were considered stable due to treatment. “Depression caused by trauma is a powerful risk factor for serious side effects in people with heart disease,” co-author of the study Dr Viola Vaccarino told UPI in an email.

trauma recovery sydney

“Exposure to severe depression can lead to reduced cardiovascular blood flow in some people, and this can increase the risk of cardiovascular issues or death,” said Vaccarino, a professor of cardiovascular research at Emory University in Atlanta. More than 18 million people in the United States have heart disease or about 7% of the population. This statistic was estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is prompted by a decrease in blood flow to the coronary arteries, forming a layer of coronary arteries. The CDC said that the condition kills about 400,000 people a year and is the leading cause of death nationally. More than half of the adults in America suffer from significant depression, estimated by the American Psychological Association.

In this study, Vaccarino and colleagues studied the effects of depression on 918 adult participants, aged 18 to 79, with stable heart disease. About 300 participants were hospitalized after a heart attack eight months before the start of the study. Researchers “lured” participants into depression in the study by asking them to perform a public speaking activity.

Participants were given two minutes to prepare the talk and three minutes to present it in front of at least four in the audience. The researchers said their stress levels were assessed based on blood pressure and heart rate, documented in all public speaking activities. In addition, the researchers measured participants’ “normal” stress, or cardiovascular stress caused by physical activity, using a standard heart rate test, which measures heart function during physical activity.

Among study participants, 147 patients, or 16%, had depression caused by myocardial ischemia. 12, or 8%, of participants who had depression – myocardial ischemia died of a heart-related cause within five years, the researchers said. In comparison, 4% of those who did not have myocardial ischemia caused by depression died of a heart-related cause within five years.

“This is not because these people were very sick or were prone to lowering blood flow and other forms of heart disease, such as physical stress using a treadmill,” Vaccarino said. “Those who developed ischemia with only depression were at greater risk of recurrence and death than those who developed ischemia with only normal depression tests,” he said.

Who Is Keryl Egan?

She is a Trauma recovery Sydney psychologist. With the experience of over 30 years, she has successfully assisted many people with personal and professional problems. She provides supervision, teaching, counselling, Stress Management Counselling and Therapy and training to young clinical psychologists. Our top priorities are your ease and success, and we assure you that your identity and privacy remain confidential.

How Can We Cure Stress?

We provide the following therapies and techniques, which will help you to cure stress.

Character Building Strategies

If human behaviour is degraded, they will eventually lose productivity and interest in everyday activities. This may be because of difficult or traumatic experiences in the past. We provide behavioural building strategies to get their lives back on track and live with motivation and success.

Anger Management Therapy

 Problems in the home can be a source of frustration or even life-altering events, leading to anger and frustration. Problems with controlling your anger can lead to high blood pressure, sleepless nights, and intense hostility. We provide anger control therapy through exercises and sessions.

Anxiety Treatment

¬†Anxiety acts as a barrier to personal and community life. It can lead to great fear, panic and constant worry about everything. It can also reduce one’s social skills. We will provide a solution to concerns about our discussion session, therapies and ways to develop actors.

trauma recovery sydney

OCD treatment

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a story that causes people to have recurring thoughts, repetitive actions, unwanted behavioural problems and personal infatuation. We provide OCD treatment with our psychotherapy. We believe that our clients will feel better after our treatment.

Depression Treatment

Depression is the result of many things. It may occur due to traumatic events in life, immorality, physical or verbal abuse, anxiety, severe depression, and self-loathing. According to a recent study, about 17.3 million people worldwide suffer from depression each year. Depression leads to many other health problems. We provide antidepressant medication and treatment during our treatment sessions, exercise and counselling, which has proved to be an effective solution.

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Trauma can be extremely dangerous if not treated on time. Please seek help immediately if you or anyone you know is suffering from trauma. Contact us through our email: or call us at 0414 734 840.

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